Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Ongoing Projects

Just wanted to give a little update on what we've been up to around the house. First, this piece was finally replaced, so we finally unpacked the box of media equipment we've had in our dining room for the last few months. The living room has been painted (1st coat) in Rhythmic Blue by Behr (see their website for a color sample). It's a color similar to Tiffany/Carolina blue; a very bright, extremely traditional color. It's a color that would only go well with white furniture (which is what I plan) with silver and light blue accent pieces. I also have to share this great internet resource: Colorsmart by Behr. With this tool you can see what a color looks like in your room. It will also show you complementary colors and accent colors (my favorite feature). I used this interactive program to pick the color for our accent wall and was very pleased. So, if your painting anytime soon I'd check it out. Lastly, I finished another section of this sewing piece. I'll try to get some pictures of everything up once we've tied up all the loose ends and when I get some free time. Lately I've been swamped by all the paperwork I had to catch up on at work since I was on maternity leave. 

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