Monday, April 19, 2010

Disney Vacation (Day Five)

On Easter Monday we went to a breakfast buffet at the Disney's Beach and Yacht Club resort. We got to meet some characters there as well.
The grounds and hotels are so pretty at Disney, I wish I had more time there to take photos. The ones below are outside the resort.
We spent the afternoon at Disney's Hollywood Studios (formerly called MGM) theme park. Everything in this park is based on Hollywood movies. First we hit up the Playhouse Disney section where Christopher met his favorite friend Handy Manny (occasionally I let him watch the show on TV).  Note that he is holding Manny's hand in the picture!
We then went to the Playhouse Disney Show (a show with the characters from toddler TV like Handy Manny, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, etc). It was a very fun interactive show where kids get to sit on the floor, clap and they blew bubbles, had leaves fall, lights, and at the end confetti.
Then we went on some big kid rides like the Tower of Terror (my parents watched the kids for us, so we could go on).
We went on a really cool ride called "The Great American Movie Ride" which the whole family can do too.

We went to Downtown Disney in the evening for dinner and ate at Planet Hollywood for free (we had a coupon). Our seats were right next to Dorothy Gale's dress which she wore in the Wizard of Oz.
They also have life size Lego displays Downtown and Christopher got a kick out of this one!

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  1. I LOVE the lego dogs! Little boys and legos...timeless! Ryan (29) loves legos, Jared (8) loves legos...between starwars and legos, those two boys are in boy heaven! I think legos are one of the best toys for a child's mind!