Monday, April 12, 2010

Disney Vacation (Day One)

Sorry it's been such a long time since I've posted! I know people have been anxious to hear (and see pics) from our Easter family vacation to Disney. I'll do a different post for each day we were on vacation and for simplicity I'll tell stories through pictures (which I took 200+ of).

We left Wednesday night after Chris' night class around 9pm and planned on driving through the night while the boys slept. I say "planned" because it didn't happen that way. Christopher was in and out of sleep (and crying) from 9pm till 3am. We ended up stopping at a hotel in NC around 3am in hopes that he would sleep in the hotel room and we could get back on the road early. Unfortunately, the hotel we stayed at had a train nearby which would blow it's whistle every 15mins scaring Christopher to death. We ended up putting him in our bed (for the 1st time EVER) and we're able to get some sleep. But the stop delayed our arrival time. Had we gone through the night we would have made it to Disney around noon the next day. Instead we arrived around 4pm.

We stayed at the Port Orleans Riverside Resort which was beautiful! It's themed after New Orleans. Here's pictures of the hotel we stayed in and the grounds surrounding the resort.

The boys in their "Big brother and little brother" shirts the day we arrived.
Us walking to dinner at the resort (there's a ferry which runs through the resort as you can see in the background)
We checked out the park in our resort the 1st night...
and went to bed early that night to catch up on some much needed sleep! 


  1. Do you disagree with letting your children in bed with you at times?

  2. i'm very hesitant to let them in our bed to sleep at night. 1. it's a safety issue 2. i don't want it to become a habit. 3. by the end of the night i need a break and a kid free space.

    on the weekends and in the early mornings though i let them into our bed to cuddle and play (or feed the baby) before we start the day :)

  3. Beautiful. Glad you got there and back safely!