Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Disney Vacation (Day Six)

Our last day in Disney started with a breakfast buffet at Ohana in Disney's Polynesian Resort. This buffet is one of my favorites because it's served family style, so there's no leaving the table. The boys were dressed in their matching Gap outfits for the occasion.
 Here they are with their lays on (Christopher wasn't a fan).
Below are some pictures of us at the hotel.
 Christopher enjoying breakfast and the activities.
Our final day was spent at Epcot. We tried out the "What if?" labs (where you get to do real experiments), saw Innovations, and went around the World showcase. One of my favorite parts of the World showcase (areas of mini-countries) was the bonsai display with award winning bonsai from around the world.
While in England, we saw a little girl who was lost, maybe four years old? One of the clerks took her into the store to help locate her parents who were no where in sight. In the meantime, we were expecting to see a frantic parent run by any second looking for their child. About 15mins later, two very calm parents walked into the store, and took the little girl as if nothing happened! I would have been hysterical if my child were lost in a theme park with some 100,000 people. Scary, strange occurrence. 

We also wanted to try the new Test Drive ride, but the fast passes were finished for the day and the wait was 90mins! The wait for a single rider however, was only 30mins so I figured I could handle the kids on my own so Chris could ride. Very poor decision. They both started crying and generally acting up (Christopher wanted out of the stroller, etc) and for the first time I was really scared about handling them alone. It was 90 degrees out and very crowded. I left my cell phone back at the hotel, so I had no way of contacting Chris if I needed to. We tried to go to a fairy park while we waited which was a disaster. First I couldn't find it, then it was too hot and unshaded to play there. Shout out to the random lady who saw me struggling carrying both kids and helped me out :) Somehow, someway I made it through and Chris got to ride.
Christopher in the fairy house. He didn't want to leave this little bed!
Neat fairy pond that steamed
 That night we headed to Downtown Disney again for dinner. We ate at a cool restaurant called T-REX which had tons of huge dinosaurs that moved and lights that blinked, etc.

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  1. These are beautiful pictures! ~LR