Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Sneak Peek

This is the bottom half of our dining room, painted Marsh Grass by Behr. Personally, I LOVE this color, but I want to what you think too!


  1. Hi Marjorie -- I love the color. You have very good taste. Love you all -

  2. thanks! i'll get pics up of the finished room as soon as i get a new computer.

  3. Wow. So bold :) As our house will be rented out I really want to stick to very bland neutrals for their sakes. ( I hate the living room color of where we are now and want to be considerate to others. lol) I would like the pure white trim to pop a little. So I think I might be interested in a color like your nursery.

    Which brand of paint is your favorite? Do you have any favorite painting tools? We have several rooms of wallpaper to take down. Do you know any tricks about that? Thanks~LR

  4. my favorite paint is behr for many reasons. you can get it at home depot. i love their color smart tool online which helps you pick colors, accents and coordinating colors. i always go with an eggshell finish because it can be easily wiped clean. my favorite painting tool has to be the "short cut" brush! it's $4 and i use it to outline the room before painting (around woodwork, outlets, corners, etc).
    i've had some experience with taking down paper. i would use wallpaper remover and buy the pump sprayer to spray the walls. follow the instructions on the bottle for use and then just peel. i think a puddy knife works great too to scrap the wet paper off. i would not recommend ironing the paper off. it doesn't work and it's a waste of time. call me if you need any help with this stuff, i used to date a professional painter! haha! i also had my fair share of experience with my parents with home projects.