Wednesday, May 26, 2010

3 Years Ago...

One of my favorite wedding photos
started off very differently than today. My wedding day was one of the most beautiful days of my life. This day 3 years later is beautiful too, but in a different way. I was awoken sometime around 6am by a crying baby Drew and shortly after falling back to sleep was awakened by another baby boy who learned to rip a hole into his diaper...(which was a big mess). But you know what? I was just as happy this morning 3 years later on my way to work, with nothing special planned and having to cook dinner. It was a perfectly ordinary, wonderful day! Many things have changed over these few years we have been married, but all for the good. I woke up in my OWN house, to a great hubby (who left for work at 7am) and to two baby boys who weren't in existence 3 years ago! So crazy to think about that. I love looking at my wedding photos, but since I've had Christopher I look at those photos so differently! When I see them it feels like something is missing; my children :)

We decided this year we're not exchanging gifts for any special occasions. We're going to buy something for the house instead.  For our anniversary we got bar stools for our kitchen island :0 They were on sale at Target for $40! It was a simple, ordinary, wonderful day!


  1. Beautiful! Congratulations on 3 years!

  2. So sweet and so true! ~LR