Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Big Boo-Boo

Christopher got a boo-boo on Saturday morning (one that will take 4-6wks to heal). He climbed out of his crib and fell onto his arm, fracturing it by the wrist. Apparently, this type of fracture is very common in children because they have a soft growth plate in that area and if they fall on an outstretched arm it's easily broken. We didn't know it was broken till Tuesday night because he was using his arm and acting like his normal cheerful self. He has always been such an easy going little boy. The only we noticed amiss was that when we touched his arm he would get a little upset.

We decided to take him to the doctor to make sure it was alright and she wanted to have the arm x-rayed. Unfortunately, by the time we got the results it was broken everywhere was closed so we had to wait till morning to get it casted. 

He was so good while he had the cast put on; so quiet and cute. They will x-ray it again in 6 days to see how it is healing and decide when he can get if off. I'm hoping he can get it off as soon as possible because I know how uncomfortable cast are. Plus, bath time and dinner time has proved to be difficult.
Getting his cast put on
He's so cute!
As you can see the cast hasn't slowed him down a bit :0


  1. I had no idea that kids didn't "baby" a broken bone. I need to store that knowledge away for a few years. Glad that he was a good little patient and that the cast isn't slowing him down at all! It must be a relief to see him running around and happy even with the cast.

    My only advice is don't let ants get in there! When my brother was two and had a half body cast, he drug himself around and we had to wrap the openings to make sure he didn't get to much dirt/ants/etc. in there. Sounds nasty, but little kids don't mind being dirty (as I am sure you know). Good luck! And as always, very cute photos!

  2. yes, i didn't know they would continue to use it. they do because they don't know where the pain is coming from. they also don't tend to get a fever (most adults do when they break something) either.
    my method of keeping the cast clean is to put a ziplock freezer bag on his arm! i actually seal onto his arm! it has worked thus far :0