Sunday, May 2, 2010

New Notebook

Unfortunately, I had to purchase a new laptop this weekend. As I said in my previous post, it wasn't a totally unexpected expense considering how old my computer was, but it put a big dent in our savings account :( I know people see our house and think we have a lot of money, but that's not the case. We have saved for this house for two and a half years, we don't have ANY credit cards, never eat out (unless we have gift cards), only have basic cable ($11), no house phone, cheapest cell phone plan (no texting, pix, etc) and neither of us do anything for ourselves (I get a haircut twice a year, don't tan, work out at a gym, get my nails done, etc). We both work full-time and we're big savers which is how we have afforded some of the large things we have (house, car and some furniture). I need a computer for work and family purposes (pictures, e-mail,etc), so there was no way around not getting one. The only other computer we have is a small netbook which can't store much and Chris takes it to work and school. Not having a computer for a week really showed me how dependent we are on one. We use it more than many of our other household appliances!

I ended up purchasing the Toshiba L505 from Best Buy. It was the best notebook in my price range (under $500). It's priced at $578, but luckily my brother-in-law to be, Chuck helped me out and found it on sale from Best Buy online for $499 and I didn't have to pay shipping!

While I was excited to get a new computer, I was sad to part with my old one. It was my first computer/laptop which I got when I started college. I didn't realize how outdated it was (it was 6 years old) until I got this new notebook. It has a built-in video camera, DVD burner and much bigger screen. Hopefully, this laptop will get as many years of use :)

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  1. What you said just reminded me of something that always strikes me as odd- I never understand when I see the teenage girls working for minimum wage with their fake nails really done up and their highlighted hair. What is the point of working at such a deadend job if you are just going to waste your money like that? ~LR