Sunday, June 13, 2010

21 Months Old!

I'm glad that's months and not years :) Hmmm...what has Christopher been up to? The question should be what isn't he up to?! The boy says everything from "Jesus," "outside" to "love you," etc. He sings his ABC's and counts to 10! He knows all of his body parts (he laughs when he says "butt"). He's used the potty a few times, but still doesn't seem to get it (we're not pushing it till he turns 2). He likes walks, story-time, helping with the baby and teasing Duke. He's really gotten into trains or "choo-choos" as he calls them. He could spend all day playing with his wooden train set.

He's not into having his picture taken however. In fact, even if you try to sneak a picture of him he won't cooperate (see below). He is always trying to get into things, from my make-up, to DVDs, to trying to put Duke's harness on Andrew. Here he is upset because I'm trying to take his picture and he wanted to use the camera!
As you can see, he got over it quickly and is a very good actor
 He's a very happy boy and still the crowd pleaser (thought that would change once the baby came along). Just this morning a lady was telling me he should be on the cover of Parents magazine. Haha! Here are a few recent pics he let me snag of him :) 
He's a happy boy!
This one's my favorite

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