Saturday, June 12, 2010

6 Months Old!

Andrew will be 6 months old tomorrow! I call him "Drew baby" and spend as much time as I can smothering him with kisses. He is seriously so cute at this age, I could just eat him up. His personality is really beginning to unfold. He's such a serious little guy. Always thinking. I just wish I could get inside his head sometimes to see what he's thinking about. It's funny watching him too because he looks like a little old man with his bald head:)
As far as new milestones go he's now eating baby food (stage 2) three times a day.
Enjoying Gerber's Apples and Chicken dinner
Sitting in the bumbo
 His preferred method of locomotion is rolling. He will roll and roll all the way across the family room to get a toy he wants!
He likes being held as you can see
I love getting a 2nd use out of Christopher's old clothes (seen above)
He can sit independently for a few seconds, so we're working on improving that. We've bought out the Jump & Go again and he LOVES it. Christopher liked it, but Andrew loves it. He even jumps when he's not in it!
 Of course I had to do another one of my little "photo shoots" again with him and here they are :)
Trying to eat "Sophie" the giraffe
"This bear is bigger than me!"
His Great-Aunt made him this bear :)