Thursday, June 24, 2010

Make-Up Must-Haves

What's your make-up must-have(s) and why??? I'd love to hear your favorites and figured I'd share a few of mine ( I've been on a kick lately since I found this site :0 )!  Here are some of my faves:
I use Purpose cleanser rather than Proactive's because it isn't as harsh

MAC Eyeshawdow Brushes
Proactive (Yes, I still have trouble with my skin!)

NARS blush in Orgasm (I know gross name)
78 Palette from Coastal Scents


  1. I don't wear makeup very doesn't feel good on my face after a 12 hour night. I am however, neurotic about having chapstick at all times and even have back up tubes just in case I lose one. It's a bad day if I don't have my Burt's Bees on hand, LoL.

    Other than that, Mary Kay's facial highlighting pen and a mineral foundation are my friends. Gotta get rid of the dark under-eye circles from working night shift!

    I really wanna check out that make-up geek thing...sounds like fun to play with!

  2. it is such a fun site, especially the celeb tutorials!

  3. I'm worried about looking like a clown with all these colors!!

  4. i would really recommend checking out she does beautiful looks with vibrant colored eye shadows. watch one of her tutorials and you will be amazed!!