Sunday, June 6, 2010

Memorial Day

Sorry this post is over a week late! The holiday weekend was so busy for us this year. Chris had a lot of yard work and homework to do and I had housework and painting to do. I decided to take this weekend to paint our hallway upstairs (using the paint that was left over from our foyer). It has been a TON of work. The paint is difficult to work with and there's tight spaces and many doorways to work around. I'm really regretting not taking the professional painters offer back in February to paint any other room in our house for only $100. Anyway, I finally finished the job this weekend.
I also made these new letters for the nursery which Andrew will be moved to once Christopher's big boy bed (seen here) arrives! We scored a great deal over the holiday weekend at a furniture store and were able to purchase it (it was $1000 off and no tax). It's a full over full bunk bed set, but we plan not to stack them for now. We're putting one bed in the "boy's room" (3rd bedroom where Christopher will sleep) and the other bed in the "guest bedroom" (4th bedroom). The possibilities of stacking/unstacking and other configurations of the bed (adding a trundle or storage drawer, etc) give us a lot of flexibility which is what I like. I'm really looking forward to moving Drew from our bedroom to the nursery. Hopefully it will help with his early 6am rising :0

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