Tuesday, July 20, 2010

7 Months Old!

Crawling around
Loving the Jump & Go
Goes who's crawling? And sitting independently? In the last week or two Andrew has gone from a stationary baby to a mobile one :) He can get from his tummy to a sitting position and is crawling. He can also hold his own bottle. I was worried he would lag behind with some of these milestones, but it seems like it all happened at once over night or something.

One big difference in development I see between him and Christopher is that Andrew loves tummy time. Always did and still does. Christopher started crawling at 7mos too, but he hated being on his tummy. He would cry and cry and get SO frustrated. We actually have video footage of Christopher on his tummy trying to crawl and screaming. I would take showers during Christopher "tummy time" because I couldn't bear to hear him cry. Andrew enjoys it and has been much more easy going than Christopher in that respect. The only thing I waiting for now is some teeth! He doesn't even have any "buds" yet (but I guess I should be careful what I wish for right?)

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  1. This update post was the 1st suggestion I received from my "Reader's Request" post. Thanks anonymous (and I'll do an update on Christopher too)!