Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Christopher's Personality and Traits

Christopher is a mini-carbon copy of his Daddy. He has the light hair, blue eyes and fair skin. When he was the tiniest baby everyone would remark about how much he looked like Chris.

However, I think personality comes from me. A lot of his behaviors remind me of how I was as a kid. He is super active. He was that way since he was in the womb, always moving! There were times when I was pregnant and I actually thought something might be wrong with him (like that he was in distress) because his activity levels were off the roof, sometimes even painful.

No surprises when he was a baby either: constantly on the go, not much of a snuggler, early milestone reacher and very intelligent. He follows directions, is a quick learner, and likes to be independent (a little too much). One of the biggest personality traits he gets from me would be that he's a "helper." He helps me, his little brother, and even the dog or other kids he doesn't know. He thrives on the attention he gets from completing a task, very much a people pleaser. He protects his brother too. All of this goes back to my last post about this possibly being related to being the oldest child of the family? Here are some pictures of him playing with his little brother in the pack & play!
Showing him how to use the phone
No worries about learning to share since they have each other!
I think Andew's is glad to have such a good big brother :)


  1. Thanks anonymous for requesting this post! More reader's request posts coming so check back.

  2. I love this post! I am glad your children have completely different personalities and you recognize and embrace that! The pictures of them in matching outfits playing together are precious!