Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Big Boy Room (Sneak Peek)

Christopher moved into his new room (the "boy room" in our new house) a few months ago when his bed came, but we finally saved up enough to furnish more of his room. We bought this chest (which matches his bed set) with our savings.
I splurged and purchased curtains and window hardware (including the glass finials which I love) from Pottery Barn. I purchased them with money I made from Craig's List (sold a treadmill and some other things) and I don't plan on changing till the boys move out. This room will always be the "boy room" until our children leave the nest, so I wanted good quality curtains that would last.
With the money I made for Craig's I also got this cute baseball lamp from Pottery Barn.
Chris had these great books on baseball laying in the closet and I thought they would be perfect for display.
This picture was in Chris' room growing up and matched the vintage baseball decor I was doing perfectly (also found in the closet, can you tell I was clearing out a closet beforehand?)! The little wooden plaques of baseball fields were also from his childhood bedroom, so they are getting a second life too.
This vintage baseball clock was Christopher's birthday gift from his Nana and Pop-pop. I love it! It too is from Pottery Barn kids.
You can actually write in the scores with chalk
The bedding was another splurge from PB teen made possible by many generous relatives who thought of Christopher on his birthday :) Like the curtains I plan on keeping it for years which is why I went with a traditional pattern that could match any decor.
I'm thinking of painting the room one of the colors from the bedding
Anyway, I wanted to share these stories so that people don't just see these pictures and think we have loads of money and that's how we put his room together. I wanted to show people how you can sell things, re-purpose things, create things, save, and hunt for sales to make it happen (or clean and organize the stuff you have). More pictures to come once the room is painted and the finishing touches are done. Let me know what you think!


  1. I love what you have done! I was really impressed with the double sided rails you have for Christopher's bed. I would love to be able to get rails like those. You really thought years down the road. With the classic theme you went with in a very sophisticated way (no cartoon baseballs), the boys would really fit well in that room till they are out of the house. It seems that so many people decorate their kids rooms in such a way that it only fits the kid's age for a few years.

    Have people been saying mean things about your "splurges?" You and your family are of the wisest people I know about where and how to spend money. You spend money on items that are high quality and will last. While someone else might get 3 or 4 pairs of something that is cheap, you will get a high quality one and you will treat it really well so that it lasts. You are very respectful of the items you have in the proper way you care and handle items. You know how much I love a deal, yet it is not a deal just because the price is low. And it is not a splurge just because the price is high. When I think of splurges, I would think of something that is here today and gone tomorrow- such as a nice dinner, movie, and hair treatment or something that you rarely ever would use. That is not you at all! You really inspire me to be more careful in my spending, think years down the road, take more care of what I do have, and invest.

    I really take your furniture advice to heart. I was wondering what were the reasons you got a chest for his room instead of a dresser? Since we have the dresser and chest from the nursery set and our new home has large closets but smaller rooms. I am thinking I will put only one piece in each room myself. So when I saw you had a chest, that made me feel better about how the look would turn out. ~LR

  2. Very nice! I love to combine the old and the new and there is nothing wrong with splurging a little here or there for your children, your husband or yourself. That's just my thought. And I completely agree with you, quality is a necessity when you are doing anything that you plan on preserving i.e. a bedroom for at least the next 18 years!

    As for the bedroom, blue is always a great choice! I am not 100% sure what the bedspread colors are, but you could do dark tan walls and then a brown trim to tie in the furniture and then tan in the bedspread. My brothers room is that color (and he is 16, so it works for all ages, plus if you ever change out the bedding, you won't have to repaint).

    Also, baseball is timeless! Good choice!

  3. thanks girls! i think i'm going to paint the walls the gray color from the bedding. i found a color called "sterling" by behr. i would go tan, but the hallway to the room is that color and i'm planning on painting our bedroom a similar color to that too.
    i'm saving for a dresser too since both boys will be in this room and possibly more. the dresser i'm getting is called a bureau and it's like a mix between a dresser and chest. i would go with one of those LR. the bureau will go under the clock.
    the rails came with the bed for the top bunk and they are also removable! i'm really pleased with how flexible the bunks are with use.
    thanks again for all the encouragement/suggestions!!

  4. This room is adorable... and I think you made very good decisions when it came to cost!

    Marla @ www.asthefarmturns.wordpress.com

  5. I love how cute you are about where things came from : ) So wonderful to be wise with money! Glad you don't spend loads of money needlessly!