Saturday, August 14, 2010

Early Arrival

I got a request to write a post about Andrew's early arrival. Here's the question:

Is it weird that when you go back and read your posts from when you were pregs with Andrew and see the pictures of you at 35 weeks, to realize that you thought you had five more weeks and the little guy surprised you by making his arrival a week later? In the future, how will you deal with Andrew's birthday being so close to Christmas? 

This is a question I still ponder to this very day and think I always will. I was and still am in total SHOCK that Andrew came so early. Christopher was born at 41wks, 3 days and Andrew 36wks, 3days! Everyone in my family goes overdue, I was born 2wks overdue. With both of my pregnancies I just assumed I would go overdue, in fact I was depending on it (not good as my hospital bag wasn't packed). To be totally honest (and I know people are going to think I'm nuts), I like going overdue. It gives me more time to get ready, spend some "special" time with the older sibling, rest up and I enjoy being pregnant. I really enjoyed the week before Christopher was born. I was off from work, totally relaxed, and had some "me time." Everyone was so supportive as well. I got so many calls, facebook messages, and e-mails from people wondering if I had the baby yet and how I was holding up. It was like the anticipation before Christmas, except you didn't know when Christmas was going to come.

The funny thing with Andrew's arrival was EVERYONE told me I was going to go early from the moment I announced I was pregnant. They were convinced of it. Too bad they couldn't convince me and that I didn't heed the warning :0 By my calculations I was due New Year's Eve, by the doctor's not till Jan. 5th! He came December 13th. The night I went into labor I was in denial and worried about his health. Coming home was difficult too. The house was in boxes (we were planning to move before he came), a mess and I wasn't even fully prepared for Christmas either. It was not the way I had "planned" for him to come. I felt cheated out of the remaining months of my pregnancy, I was disappointed that my plans were altered, and I felt guilty for feeling that way. I've shared these feelings before in this post. Everyone kept telling me how "lucky" I was to go early and I didn't feel the same way. It was really comforting to open my feelings up to a close friend who also had experienced a surprising early birth and find she had similar feelings (what a relief, I wasn't crazy)!

Now when I look back on it, I realize his arrival was so special. Much like the way babies arrivals are portrayed in the movies, the wife wakes up the husband in the middle of the night and they are rushing chaotically around to make it to the hospital. Christopher was in tow in the back seat and we even saw a shooting star on our way there! His arrival actually matches his personality. He is so driven to do things early. He started to pull himself up to a stand at only 7 months (much younger than his brother)!

I'm excited to have a close to Christmas birthday for him. I'm doing a whole Christmas themed party, with a Christmas tree shaped cake, having the kids decorate gingerbread men or make ornaments, serving hot chocolate, turning on the fireplace, playing Christmas music, and having the house all decorated for Christmas. I'm totally embracing it and going to enjoy every minute! :)  


  1. I actually think Andrew's arrival story is beautiful. It has always reminded me of the Nativity story. While Mary had a stable's accomodations to deal with, you had boxes and moving to handle. Nevertheless you didn't let it rob you of the joy of your son's birth and I think that's beautiful!

  2. great post! I know it is always expected for the first child to come late but I have a feeling I am going to go early. My due date is in two weeks. When you packed your hosiptal bag did you use any special check list?

  3. well with andrew my bag wasn't packed. big mistake. i didn't use any check list, but really important to me were a nice nightgown (you have so many pictures taken of you), a nursing bra, camera, ID (for birth certificate info), coming home outfit, make up (again lots of pics) and lots of socks. i didn't pack much just one bag.