Wednesday, August 18, 2010

"Shopping" for Fall Clothes

Storage for shoes and socks
Storage for clothes organized by size
So about a week ago I went through all of my kids clothes. I'm crazy about saving clothes, keeping them nice and re-using them. I have a whole container "system" organized by size of clothes. My policy is with each new season to evaluate the condition of everything: save, donate or toss. I then fold and store the things I decide to keep. Anyway, this has been working great for me. I haven't ever purchased Andrew new clothes! He wears all of Christopher's hand-me-downs. Check out his stocked drawers of fall/winter clothes all of which I "shopped" for in my basement. That's right 2 shirts are the only new things in these drawers!
I then got Christopher new clothes at the Children's Place Outlet (don't have anyone to hand him down clothes) when they had a major sale, so the boys can match too because they sell all of last years clothing (in case you didn't notice I like matching and coordinating their clothes)! 

I'd love to hear other mom's tips and ways they re-use or save on clothing. Did you wear hand-me-downs growing up?


  1. For the three boys I have a good friend with a very spoiled boy who hands down all of his clothing. They often are wearing high end labels (tommy hilfiger, gap, nautica etc.). Stephen is usually growing out of clothes just as the twins are needing them.
    When my hand-me downs are not enough my favorite place to hit is Kohl's. Their jumping beans line is of good quality and when they run sales they are good prices. This summer I needed shorts and they were selling for $5/pair.
    I don't have anyone to hand down to Catherine so I often have to buy her new things. From time to time I get a few things from people but not much. Again, Kohls is a life saver. Though Children's place also runs good sales too.
    As far as storage goes I used to save everything in marked bins. But now I give it all away. I ran out of storage space. I give my clothes away to very generous people with the hopes that should I ever need these things again that it can be returned. However, not all clothes can last forever and I am not worried about it. This year some of our handed down jeans didn't survive, just about every pair had holes in the knees.
    I was the first among friends and family to have kids, now everyone around me is catching up. My hope is what goes around comes around.

  2. O! I love your organization posts. They get me so motivated. I also store my baby clothes in bins like you, yet they are certainly not as neatly folded. It looks like you have worked at the gap. lol.

    So you do like matching and coordinating!! lol. ~just like me. How wonderful you can find the larger sizes at the outlet stores.

    I saw those pretty white little girl shoes in your bin. So sweet. I will admit that I too do have a little section of boy clothes as well.

    In our area consignment has been a lifesaver!

    If I do buy new, I try to buy after the season to get the clearance price for next year.

    I also try to stick to very classic styles and colors (because I love them) and because they are easily coordinated together even if the brand is not the same.

    I think that I do a good job with not over buying. I find so many people buy and buy for their kids while their kids could get away with half as many outfits.

    I also buy items that can dress up or down. Right now baby girl has one pair of real shoes that work with her sunday dresses, wednesday dresses, and her friday jeans.

    I love your organization posts~ keep it up and my house will be all they better for it. ~LR

  3. :) i forgot to mention the girl clothes in this post. my mom handed me down both baby girl and boy clothes. hoping i can use all of those cute pink things one day :)

  4. I am a neat freak too, but your organization puts me to shame. I don't know how you have the energy to do it! I feel like I should hire you to organize our spare bedroom, LoL. Our real issue is a space one and I think our next apartment/house will def. need more storeage room or it's a deal breaker.

    I go through my closet every season and donate to goodwill etc. My rule is if I haven't worn it in a year, I get rid of it.

    I was the oldest in my family but occasionally got hand me downs from older cousins. My mom also made a lot of our clothes growing up. LoL after a while we hated matching each other but looking back at pictures, it was cute!

    My Mom's saving grace was places like Ross, TJ Maxx, Marshalls & Gabriel Brothers. Being the oldest I got a lot of newer clothes, but my Mom always made sure to get each of us new things for special occasions so no one felt cheated. Plus our body shapes were all a bit different, so not all clothes could be passed down.

    I think it's great you can re-use Christopher's clothes and I'm planning on doing this someday too!

  5. ania, my mom matched us too growing up and i hated it! i think once they hit 4-5yrs i'll stop and just coordinate or match them for special occasions like christmas (all red, stripes, etc).

    like you i also was the oldest and got most of the new stuff, but my mom definitely threw in some new things each year for each kid to be fair.