Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Stone Harbor 2010

Christopher LOVED the ocean and sand. I mean he really liked it. One morning we walked to the beach (the Pointe to be exact) and Christopher took off into the water with his shoes and socks on...ugh. Andrew warmed up to the water later in the week. I'm not a huge beach person myself, so we would go to the beach from9am-12 noon. It was cooler out during those hours and we'd head back to the condo for lunch, baths (for the kids) and nap time. Chris and I took turns staying back at the condo with the kids while they napped while the other would go back to the beach. We had perfect weather all week! Here are pictures of the kids enjoying the ocean, sand, and sky:)
Beach sleepin baby
Brothers :)
Love the sky in this one
Sand play :)
His expression sums up how much he loved it
Stay tuned for more picture posts from our trip!

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  1. My favorite is the B&W of Christopher looking up at the lifeguard stand. Makes me excited to take the 5D down to MD later this month!