Saturday, September 25, 2010

Beginning of Birthday Parties

That's what I realized this weekend when Christopher went to his friend's birthday party at Jungle Wonders (a playground/arcade). I can remember going to dozens of those types of parties as a kid and I realized at this one that I have a children now and they are the ones going to these parties! The boys had tons of fun riding the rides (Andrew would say "Weee!"), playing games, running threw the "jungle gym", bouncing in the bounce house and eating pizza and cake. I went solo with both kids so I don't have many pictures (didn't have a free hand). Here are a few I managed to snag.  
The birthday boy
Checking out the party favors


  1. Thank you for taking them to the party! I wish I could have been there with you. Taking two children out by yourself is a lot to handle but I'm sure they had a lot of fun and it was well worth it! You're a great mom!!! Love you :-)

  2. your boys are just ADORABLE. LOVE that curly hair! too cute!

  3. looks like a fun time! can't wait till i have kids and can do fun stuff like this :)