Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Feathering the Nest for Fall

Hands down fall is my favorite season of the year. The weather is perfect, not too hot or too cold. I love pumpkin pie, colorful leaves, scented candles, crisp mornings, lighting the fireplace, watching football with my boys, and snuggling up in a good pair of sweats! To me Labor Day marks the end of summer and on a chilly night over the holiday weekend I enjoyed a relaxing bubble bath to celebrate the start of the new season :)
Did I mention that I'm in love with the soaking tub in our master bathroom?
 I also broke out some of my favorite shoes :)
Remember these?
And of course I couldn't wait to decorate our new house for the 1st time for fall!!! I didn't have many fall decorations (I never wanted to buy much because I knew the house we were living in before wasn't permanent and I wanted to wait to see the layout of where we would be living). This warranted a trip to AC Moore to stock up on some festive decor (plus they were having a sale).
Got these leaf garlands for $4!
Apple Cinnamon scented potpourri for $0.99!
I'm in LOVE with these wheat bundles my mom got me from Home Goods
I decorated the outside of our house as well, but I didn't get anything new. Just pulled out some old stuff we've gotten over the years. I was looking for leaf window clings, but couldn't find any. I didn't like the ones AC Moore had and Walmart/Target didn't have any.
Hope you enjoyed the photo tour of our house :) If you have a blog join the tour and paste your link in the comment section!


  1. I like the hay stacks they look great. I also like how you decorated the fire place

  2. Fall is my favorite season too! Thank you so much for sharing you decorating ideas! I like the hay stacks as well! I can't wait to have a house to decorate! Not buying stuff is really hard, but it makes sense.

  3. Do you have a store called the Dollar Tree? They usually have window clings for the holidays. I always find stuff there that you would not expect to be there. They have a great teaching section too. Just a thought....

  4. i do live near some dollar trees! didn't even think about checking there. thanks for the tip :)

  5. I love those leaf garlands! They really put the whole picture in the fall mood. If Barney (the cat) wouldn't shred everything, I would decorate A LOT more. :)