Friday, October 29, 2010

Bissell Powerstreamer

Yesterday I finally broke down and bought a wet vac, the Bissell PowerSteamer. It cost $120 (yikes!). Our house has light, cream-colored carpet throughout and with two kids and a dog, our high traffic areas take a beating. Lately, Andrew has been drooling and leaving little spots all over the rug. I've been spot cleaning with Resolve like crazy and that's not good for the carpet long term. So, I went to Walmart and wanted to buy the Hoover Steam Vac (on the recommendation of a friend and based on reviews), but they were sold out and not getting any new shipments of it. I know I could have ordered it, but seriously if you saw our carpet in our family room you'd know why I didn't wait and just got the Bissell. I'm thinking in the future I may do high traffic areas every 6mos with it and other areas once a year.

Pros: Good price, worked VERY well (the carpet looks brand new), easy to use, and saves big time on having to get new carpet, rent one or hire carpet cleaners. It cleaned, but didn't leave a "fake" smell like sprays do. The biggest thing was that it did not soak the carpet (you have to follow the directions though)! A lot of wet vacs do and I was worried about that.

Cons: Heavy and bulky, you have to empty the water tank a lot (maybe that's bc I was working in a large area and it was the 1st time my carpets were being done, so it was dirtier than usual?). It doesn't have an indicator that lets you know when to empty the tank. Overall, I would buy it again and would recommend it to a friend (that's why I'm sharing!) Do you have a wet vac and are you pleased with it?


  1. Oh, thanks for this! I just rented a machine to clean our carpets because we have cream colored carpeting as well. It was 50 bucks for 24 hours... just a small portion of that! I think we'll need to buy our own soon:)

  2. yeah, i was talking with some other people and heard of how expensive they can be to rent or hire a professional to do. it pretty much pays for itself after two uses.