Thursday, October 28, 2010

Catching Up

I've been doing so many posts featuring photography clients that I've gotten behind on what's been going on in our lives. This is a super busy time of year for me. The end of October marks the end of the first grading period for the kids I teach. Obviously, starting my photography business has been taking up most of my time as well. I sold my old camera this week! I have already paid Chris back for the price of my new camera, I only owe him $200 more.

I have also been consumed with Mad Men :0 I got the DVDs as a birthday gift (we don't have cable, so I wasn't able to watch episodes on TV). It's become a full-fledged addiction! I went through the 1st two seasons in less than a month and can't stop thinking about it. I love the plot, characters and of course the 60's styled clothes.

We have a busy weekend ahead: play-date, Halloween party (for the kids), trick or treating, and Chris and I are taking a little weekend vacation without the kids. We're planning on going to see the movie The Social Network which critics have been saying may be movie of the year? Hopefully I can catch up on some rest too, I've been exhausted lately! What are your weekend/Halloween plans?


  1. So, this week we have nothing much to do but HAVE A BABY! Excited can you tell? lol.

    I found it so amazing you got in to MM. That show is taking the world by storm. Last year I remember watching a few episodes in a row when we were on the road and it was running a marathon. Something about it was addicting, yet I just couldn't go any further because I am so sensitive about unfaithfulness and the like. If there is even a hint of it, i just cannot enjoy what I am watching (not saying that you would enjoy it just that I am extra sensitive). Yet I will admit just last week i read through the season recaps on Wikipedia to understand what one guy friend meant who always talks about it on FB. I find it extra amusing when guys are all into it. The sets and period dress is really fun to see. I love to see how a man in a suit and tie never goes out of style.

    Delightful about your getaway! Have a wonderful time. -LR

  2. i hope she comes soon! so funny how one can be early and the another late or on time or 100 different other timings. i'll admit i'm jealous you are going to be kissing an snuggling such a wee one soon!
    it is so addicting! can't put my finger on exactly why. i can relate it a lot to stories my mom told growing up. for instance, my mom's mom also smoked lucky strike back then and when she was pg with my mom too, just like they portray.
    the unfaithfulness drives me nuts! it really hurts to see it. it is something i struggle with watching too. i think that is why it's addicting too. in most stories you want the main characters to fall in love and in MM you want them to fall back in love with each other. she so pretty and sweet and yet he doesn't notice. ugh!
    there was a commercial on TV for it and catherine saw it and said, "back then the girls dressed like barbies!"