Saturday, November 13, 2010

Almost Done!

The boys room is nearly complete! All that is left is painting. I decided to paint it "Sterling" by Behr (a light, gray-silver color). I love the furniture we found online by Deer Lea Run. Here are the pictures of the nearly complete room (and yes, his room always looks like this I'm a neat freak)! 
The engraved bat was one of his 1st b-day gifts
I'm really pleased with how the room came out. I was really unsure about how to decorate a boy's room and I wanted to pick a theme that would be lasting. My goal is to have it painted before the new year (ugh, I hate painting).


  1. I love your theme. This room will really grow with him.

  2. You did a great job with these photos!! The room looks great... with the paint, it will be incredible!! :)

  3. My grandbabies have it good. The room looks great. Definitely a boy room. Good job.

  4. It's looking very cute. I liked that you decided not to make it really babyish because with this room he will be able to grow up and not grow out of it. Looking forward to seeing the paint!