Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy Halloween

This year Christopher went as Thomas the Train (found the costume for $14 at Target!) and Andrew was Oatmeal Bear (Christopher's costume from last year).
I'm thinking next year it would be really cute to do Toy Story because Christopher loves Buzz Lightyear, Andrew could be Woody and if we have another they could be the alien ;)
They got a kick out of looking at each other dressed up! Christopher was really into trick or treating this year. He would point to each house he wanted to go to and run up. Some people tried to put the candy into his pumpkin, but he would try to grab it while they did which was funny. He was so worried about someone taking his candy! 
Don't judge, I'm not wearing any make up :0
He was "beary" tired :)
Andrew fell asleep in my arms while trick or treating (which by the way is tough carrying one child and walking another). Chris had to stay back and answer the front door so I was on my own with them. Christopher's costume was a little long so he kept falling too, having a "train wreck" as I called it :0 Hope everyone had a Happy Halloween! What did you and your family do for Halloween?


  1. "Beary tired...train wreck", LOVE it! Too cute as always :)

  2. Christopher and Andrew look so cute. Tell them g loves them and give them a big hug for me. Love you all.