Friday, November 5, 2010

Mini Honeymoon

So just a little warning, I don't have many pictures from our trip because I was too lazy having too much fun to take a lot. The Saturday before Halloween my parents watched the boys overnight, so Chris and I could go on a little mini-vacation. This was the 1st time either of the kids have spent the night without us. I'm the kind of mom that brings my kids everywhere (I miss them too much). I was worried about them sleeping through the night too (they do at home, but at someone's house they might not). Rest assured (pun intended) they slept through the night from 7pm-7am, just like at home!

We had a wonderful time to ourselves! :) We went to see The Social Network, the movie about facebook. It was good...don't know if it deserves movie of the year like everyone says, but worth seeing. I enjoyed it most because the story took place in 2004 when I was a freshman in college (that shows my age...ha!) and facebook was launched. Interesting to know what went on behind the scenes of someone who became the world's youngest billionaire (multi-billionaire to be exact). You're definitely left debating if he "stole" the facebook idea or not by the end of the movie. I thought not, but Chris disagreed. If you've seen the movie, please share what you thought about it!

Then we had lunch (soup and salad) at Olive Garden. I went shopping at VS (had a gift card) and got some hand lotion that smells so good and lip gloss :) I forgot what it was like to take my time and look around store for once! That night we enjoyed a three course dinner at Mendenhall Inn in PA. We had a great spot for dinner right next to the fireplace. Thought this picture of my reflection was cool.
After dinner we enjoyed champagne and watched cable TV (a big deal to us since we don't have it). We had lots of fun in our hotel room ;)
The next morning we went to the hotel's breakfast buffet and went to Mass together. It SO different being able to go to Mass with tons of interruptions from the kids. Loved spending time with my hunny bunny! :)


  1. Hunny Bunny?!

    Anyway, good for you to let the kids go and get a weekend to yourselves. It is such a great retreat when parents are willing to take the kids and you can just relax, have fun and know that your kids are in good hands.

  2. haha! it's what we jokingly call each other and we spell it wrong too :0
    yeah, it was a really needed break. now it's back to work, diaper changing and laundry.

  3. Was it a babymoon?

  4. well that's an awfully personal question, especially considering the fact that your anonymous! i guess you'll have to keep reading and find out :0

  5. That sounds amazing! Is the Inn like a B&B?

    Ryan and I love B&B's and are planning on taking a mini second honeymoon to a B&B after he gets home! They are so luxurious!!

  6. it's wasn't a bed and breakfast. the hotel was right across the street from the restaurant though. the area is great too bc there is so much you can see and do. longwood gardens is right down the street and a lot of historical sights. i wish we had had more time to see some of the sights!