Monday, November 1, 2010

New Curtains!

My "real" birthday gift came this week; curtains for our formal living room. Finally, we have curtains in there (3 rooms down, all the rest of the rooms in the house to go)!! It's amazing how much curtains can make a room look and feel more like home. There's still no furniture in the room yet, but I wanted to get curtains first because this room looks out to the front of the house so it was a privacy issue. As I mentioned before, I got them from pottery barn on sale, the rods were a steal at Home Depot, and the tie backs were a splurge at $30 for the set from PB (I looked everywhere and couldn't find a cheap alternative that matched). My vision is for this room is blue and white with silver accent pieces.
I love them, mostly because by going with this swoop style I only had to buy 2 panels rather than 4 straight panels. Also notice that in the pictures above you can see clearly out the windows. Most cameras "blow out" windows meaning they look all white in pictures (you can't see what's outside). My new camera has a feature called "active D lighting" which prevents this and exposes for both the inside and outside of the house :) Let me know what you think of the curtains!


  1. The curtains are awesome and really do make the room! I have curtain rods that I bought on sale and am saving. They'll go with whatever curtains we pick out, I just can't commit to buying any until we're in our own home. For now the blinds suffice and we tac a blanket up when there's a glare on the T.V. Embarassing but least to us. Great pick!

  2. Hi Marjorie -

    The curtains look great. It's amazing how you have a knack for everything from teaching, photographing, decorating... No wonder we all love you.

  3. They look very sweet. I love the light airiness to them. ~LR