Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Sniffles and Sickness

The boys had really high fevers over this weekend (101-103degrees). They had been battling colds for the past week and combined with the fevers they were pretty irritable, unable to sleep, and didn't have good appetites. So our weekend was full of suctioning noses, giving Tylenol, warm baths and holding. At one point Christopher was just following me around saying "Mommy, Mommy, Mommy..." had no idea what he wanted and Andrew wouldn't let us put him down much either. Thankfully, Chris did not have work and could help me out.

However, the weekend wasn't a unproductive one of us because with sickness comes lots of sleeping (the boys that is). While they rested I cleaned the downstairs of our house. My standards are pretty high with "cleaning." I wash all windows, take everything off of tables and wipe them down with a bucket and rag, I wash surfaces (including baseboards and walls) with a rag too. I vacuum floors and dust shades. I steam hardwood surfaces. I organize closets, drawers, etc. This week I also went through all the kids toys and filled an entire box to be donated. I wanted to get that done before Christmas. A little involved, but I love it. I'm a neat freak and this is my routine of how to clean each room. I do it every two weeks :0  

Speaking of "neat freaks" have you ever heard someone describe them self as one and then you visit their house and it's not "neat"? Or at least "neat" to your standards? Please share! I can't stand crooked pictures, stuff shoved into closets, and fingerprinted/dirty/dusty surfaces. Many people feel as long as you can't see the clutter and surfaces are dusted it's neat...it's neat, but not "clean" to me. To me dusting and vacuuming are average. Someone that only does that is not what I would term a "neat freak." I don't think people who only do this are dirty, but I wouldn't call them a "neat freak." Sorry to digress, just something I was thinking about.

Chris organized the entire garage; he pulled everything out and swept for the winter. It looks great. I love him:) We also took out the screens in the front windows of the house for the winter and in prep for Christmas wreaths. We enjoyed ourselves too, and got take out from Applebees one night (gift card) and I did a family photo shoot on Saturday morning. Yes, I consider photo shoots fun, that's why I do them! It's not about the money for me. Overall, good weekend, but tiring.       


  1. You amaze me! What vitamins are you taking to have all that energy?!?!

    I agree with you about neat freaks...to be a neat freak, you have to be in a special class and a very organized person. I have close friend that would fit perfectly into your "neat freak" def.

    As for me, I am a neat freak at times, but definitely not always. I go through insane cleaning phases every 6 weeks and then I do the normal chores (vac, dust, bedding, bathrooms, etc.) on a weekly basis. It really all depends on the rest of my life. I will say, "A clean house is a happy house!" That is my motto and it is adorbale with my husband and stepson plop on the couch after a long day of cleaning and say "It really is nicer when the house is clean!" hehe! It puts a BIG smile on a my face!!

    I hope your boys get better soon!

  2. haha! i don't have much energy, that's why i so tired all the time i guess. i find i clean whenever i'm bored or stressed. this weekend was one of those bored weekends. i was cooped up in the house with the kids being sick and went to work :0
    if i can't clean, clean very 2 wks bc something else comes up, i do the same thing as you vac, dust, etc.
    it is the best feeling in the world when the house is in order! :)

  3. that's great that your step-son and hubby help out too! lucky! :)

  4. You crack me up! Seriously don't know where your energy comes from. I def. feel more relaxed when the house is clean/orderly, but don't always have the energy to keep up with it all. For us it's about compromise. I tend to be anal (I mean like wanting the bottles of pledge, windex etc. to be facing the same way in their storage cabinet, anal) while Chris feels more at home when the space looks lived in. So while I can't stand that we have wires all around our tv stand and that the DVD racks are overflowing, I've learned to let go of some things.

    My Mom was a huge stickler for cleaning and I can def. see how it rubbed off on me. Just curious, was/is your Mom big on cleaning too?

  5. actually ania, that's a really good point my mom is an even crazier cleaner than me!! no joke, it's scary. i didn't even think about that connection till now :)