Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas 2010

We had a wonderful 1st Christmas in our new home! Here's a picture of what Santa left ;)
 Our tree
My parent's tree
My MIL's tree
Christopher was very into Christmas/Santa this year. Here are pictures of the boys opening presents on Christmas morning.
The jump-o-lene (above) was my parent's gift to the boys. It was under $50 on amazon and it folds compactly and can be used indoors and out. 
Christopher got a laptop for Christmas and you can program it to send e-mails. Chris set it up so that Christopher would get an e-mail from Andrew. Christopher was really excited about it and went over to show Andrew. Of course Andrew had no idea about what was going on, but he was good about it :) 
Here's a few shots of my new nephew Zachary! We left to visit in a hurry so I didn't have any make up on in the picture below (ugh!). 
My sister Anastasia (12) drew the picture of Taylor Swift below. I thought it was so cool I wanted to share. She glued flowers and other things she found to it and gave it as a Christmas gift to my sister (you can find her blog here!).  I also took a few pics of my mom's dog Landon (she asked).
Blog post in the works about how we spent Christmas Eve! We're having a big New Year's party so I probably won't get to it till after the new year. Hope everyone had a great Christmas!


  1. darling Christmas photos! and love the taylor swift too!

  2. Your Christmas trees are beautiful!! And I didn't realize Petchie was your sister!! Hope you have a wonderful New Year!

  3. The baby looks so cute. you should get a picture with each one of your sisters and do a post about it. That would be cool to see them all.