Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas at Longwood

I've been saving free tickets I got to Longwood Gardens so I could go when they were decorated for Christmas. The boys had a blast! Unfortunately, Chris had work so he couldn't join us. It was so beautiful there, so of course I was in picture paradise.
These were all taken in the Conservatory. We didn't tour outside because it was too cold and the lights weren't on yet anyway.
They have a new Children's garden with fountains the kids can play in. I let the boys walk (yes, Andrew's walking!) around and have fun. 
Christopher was trying to "catch" the water as it jumped. Both of their sleeves got soaked :0
 This is one of my favorite pictures of Andrew. Seriously, he is SO adorable at this age!
Playing together as brothers :)
This fountain moved down the line so the boys were watching it. Andrew was so proud of himself for walking around as evidenced by his big smile.
This lemon tree was one of my favorites trees there. So simple and unique.
The picture above with the rose was taken in the rose room. I wish I got a picture of the tree decorated with roses. 
They also have had a perfume collection displayed all year which was really neat. All of these rare perfumes are on display and the bottles are so interesting. Just figured I'd share a little of Longwood with everyone :)


  1. That is such a beautiful place!! I love all of your pictures!!

  2. The picture of Andrew laughing is the cutest thing!

  3. i love the laughing one too. going to put it in a frame.

  4. Beautiful place, pictures, and babies!

    How lovely that you could enjoy all that beauty while being warm inside! Longwood is amazing. I have been dreaming of going back there for years.

  5. I love the photo of the red berries! So pretty! But they are all gorgeous:)

  6. wow! your pictures are absolutely stunning! Merry Christmas!!


    ps.. im a new follower! ;)

  7. thanks for dropping by everyone!

  8. Hi -
    Just love the pics. I didn't know Andrew was walking. Can't wait to see him... and, Christopher. Both are so adorable. (Do you think I'm partial?) Take care.

  9. How beautiful! And the boys are just darling!

  10. Beautiful pics Marjorie!! Thank you for sharing them! I read an article about those perfume bottles somewhere...I also loved taking Kevin there for the first time because of his landscape background. The boys are gorgeous!!