Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Christmas House Tour 2010

Here's a tour of our house decorated for Christmas. Hope you enjoy, but note that this is an extremely photo heavy post (you've been warned) :0 Also I didn't watermark these photos, and I'm flattered if anyone wants to share my pictures on their blog or other social media, but I ask that you give me credit or link the photos back to my page (sorry to mention this, but it's been an issue).
We now have the tree in the bay window, but I don't want to go out in the cold again to get another shot :0 
Inside looking out :) Below is a picture of the tree taken from the stairs and some close ups of ornaments.
This was the ornament Christopher picked out this year. The picture below of the lights is one of my favorite I've taken this year, what a fun effect!
We got a Fraser Fir this year and I think we're going to get one from now on. They are smaller and easier to put up and don't drop as many needles. 
This is Andrew's ornament for this year. I love this one because I had a See and Say growing up! 
The crystal ornament is mine and the booties are Andrew's 1st ornament. 
I hung ornaments from the stairway and really loved how it came out. It was a cheaper alternative to garland and gave me a place to put extra balls that couldn't fit on the tree. Going up the stairs are the 12 days of Christmas.
Below are the boys stockings from Target. I want to get matching ones for Chris and I, but I'm going to wait till after Christmas when they will hopefully be on sale. 
These Lenox ornaments were given as gifts and I displayed them in our china cabinet (I have a Winnie the Pooh for Andrew too, but didn't take a pic of it because they are identical other than the year). 
Below is our family room and mantle. I got the garland pre-decorated at AC Moore. I would have liked to have made my own, but that would have cost too much.  
The Santa and baby is one of my favorite decorations.
I filled some of our vases with Christmas balls rather than putting them on the tree (I wanted to only put trinkets on the tree). 
I'll leave with some last pictures of our tree. I'd LOVE, love to see other house tours!! Please link up in the comment section, I promise I'll visit :) 


  1. so pretty! you've inspired me to put up our THREE decorations! ;) i'll try to make it an interesting post, though!

  2. I love all of your Christmas Decorations! Your mantle looks so pretty!

  3. The house looks great! pictures came out really good too!

  4. We have the Willow Tree Nativity and it's our 1st year to put it up, I'm so excited! I'm headed out to AC Moore and Pier One tomorrow, I also found these great stocking holders at Target and bought poinsettias at Lowe's. Pics to come!

  5. Love the vintage stroller!! The house looks beautiful! Happy Holidays!

  6. Everything looks so nice. Can't wait to see it in person. Great job, Marjorie.

  7. Gorgeous!!! You've done a really awesome job, Marjorie!!!

    PS - I love the exterior of your home!! I've always had a thing for red brick houses!! ;)

  8. Marjorie!! It all looks so amazingly pretty. I loved seeing the family picture of Christopher's first Christmas. I am trying to think of a creative way to display past Christmas photos in the years to come.

    With the new baby and all our house projects, this year I just was not ready to decorate (hopefully next year will be the charm- as last year we were in the moving process and the year before that baby M- it still amazes me how well you decorated the last years when you were dealing with the same exact things- you are just amazing!) but I am still joyfully looking at all your creative ideas to copy them in the years to come. I love hanging the ornaments between the railings. I don't think I have ever seen that before.

    Do you think you will ever want to do two trees? In years to come I think I might do one regular and one small to make one a kid's tree.

    Do you remember where you got your window lights? It has been a childhood dream of mine to have lights in my windows- this year I tried three different types and am not pleased with any- one was a horrible orange color, the next had an ugly flicker, and the next was too dim.

    Everytime I see your santa baby figurine it makes me smile because the gown looks very similar to our baptismal gown.

    I love how your house is decorated on the outside. It is perfect with the lights and wreathes. Do you think you would ever want to do strands of lights?

    Would you ever decorate with pine cones?

    Great job on everything!

  9. Ok my house tour is up, come take a look :)

  10. i got the window lights from AC Moore. 2 for $3 and i liked that they plug in and don't use batteries.
    i love that pottery barn always shows balls being hung from different places in the house and our railings seemed perfect for that.
    i think we will do two trees sometime in the future (when we can afford it). one with balls and one with trinkets.
    we will start outdoor lights next year. we had to buy a few decorations this year and had a tight budget. so outdoors lights are on next year's budget. i'm thinking icicles outlining the house and white lights on some of the bushes and railings. i'd also like to get giant ornaments/balls for the trees.
    i did a few things with pine cones this year, but didn't take pics. scented pines are in a vase and the wreath on the front door is covered with them.