Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Impromptu Birthday Party

This weekend we had a little birthday party for Drew. Chris' mom (G as the kids call her) was coming down to visit. She ended up bringing cupcakes and my parents called at the last minute saying they were in the area (my sister's were in a ballet performance of the Nutcracker) and going to bring pizza.
With my family's size and all the food it ended up being a fairly large party to celebrate the little guy. Of course we had the fireplace going, tree lit up and I didn't get to hold the boys at all because everyone was playing, holding and passing them around :)
My brother (one of the twins) just got glasses
Andrew really wanted to touch the candle on the cake, so he wasn't too happy as you can see in the picture. He did like clapping though.
He's a big eater just like Christopher. I started him earlier on table foods than I started Christopher. By his 1st birthday he had eaten ziti, pizza, most veggies, bananas, yogurt, granola bars, etc. Here he is eating his cake!
Christopher enjoyed the cake too...
Andrew liked opening gifts (mostly ripping and trying to eat the paper), he also liked taking things out of gifts bags as fast as possible :0 
She's wearing fake eyelashes from earlier :)
Christopher and Andrew have been playing non-stop with this toy since they got it. You drop cars on a track and it spins them around and around. I love how Drew's face is in the glow of the toy. He also got this beautiful Lenox ornament (I told you I never buy them, but somehow have amassed a collection) as a gift.
Seriously can not wait to put on these leggings on him! 
It was such a nice day. I had been stressing so much when my parents called because I was completely unprepared for a big crowd (no paper plates or cups, I was out of napkins and hadn't prepared any food). It came together so great and really made me realize that we do all of this planning, preparing, spending and set up before parties that it's easy to lose focus on what it's about. You don't need everything to be "perfect" or "planned" all of the time to have a good time. 
We weren't planning on throwing a party for him this weekend. We're having a huge New Year's Party (it's an annual thing with our friends and we're doing it this year), so we figured we would just include his birthday in that celebration. He's such a sweet little boy (I still can't believe he's one!) and I love him SO much :)


  1. The picture of him with louis is so cute! I never even realized he had his front teeth, or didn't think about it, because he usually doesn't show them! lol Those cupcakes also look so good!

  2. Those cupcakes are so cute!
    Love all your pictures!

  3. I can't believe our baby is one. He is just so cute and so is Christopher.

    I had so much fun. Can't wait until New Years Eve.

  4. You are so right. We needlessly stress so often about these things and then most of the time, the impromptu get-togethers like this end up being so much more fun than if we had time to plan. Thanks for the reminder to focus on what's important, enjoying spontaneous fun together and celebrating family. And Happy Birthday to your cute little guy. It goes by way too fast.