Friday, December 3, 2010

Love it.....but (Part 2)

Our new dining room furniture arrived right before Thanksgiving (we weren't expecting it till December). I was so excited about it's early arrival, but when they took off the packing I discovered the fabric on the chairs was not what I ordered. This is the second time I've had a mishap with this company (see here for part 1). They'll be out to replace the pads, but in the meantime I can still use the chairs. I love the collection though and I can't wait to use it for entertaining through the years. I still need to get curtains hung in this room, but that's going to take awhile since we need to pay off the set. Ugh! The windows have such a terrible view and now that there's furniture in there you really notice.
I got black chairs for a modern twist
Here's a close up of the chair pads. It's a nice fabric, but too casual for the rest of the room. The fabric I picked out was much more formal. I have so many people ask about where I got the picture below. My mom found it at a yard sale for $3, so it was just a lucky find :)


  1. I really like the table and chairs set, it looks nice. Looking forward to seeing the new pads.

  2. The dining room set looks beautiful. (I like the cushions) Good taste, as usual.

  3. I love the dining room set! It's traditional with a modern twist! I would never have thought to put black chairs with a brown table. Way to mix and match! Can't wait to see the actual cushions you selected. Can you make curtains? There are always fabric sales going on, so you could save a lot of money that way.
    Your home is really coming together!

  4. they offered them in both black and brown and i really liked how the black made them pop. i can sew...but i'm such a perfectionist with it and i don't know if i'd be able to pull them off because curtains have to be exact. i'm thinking about it...