Sunday, December 12, 2010

Memory Monday-Christmas Tree Hunt

Here's my memory for this Monday. It's from this year :0 We moved right after Christmas last year, so I was very excited to decorate our new house this year. However, even though we have been living in this area for the past year, I feel like I'm still finding my way around. Growing up we got our Christmas tree from the same place each year. Any size tree for $30. We live in a more rural area now, so I figured trees would be even cheaper here. I was wrong...
First, we didn't know where to go and it's not something you can Google because most times it's small stands or private people selling them. We found one place online and got out to find that trees cost $59-$89 depending on their size. That was way too much for me, so we drove to another place we had seen on the way and they were equally expensive. We saw signs for another place selling trees and went there. They were still expensive (at least according to my standards), but they had a bigger range of prices. We settled for one for $45 (the cheapest we had seen and we were tired of driving). We ended up driving around so much, shopping for price that we could have just gone back to our old town and got one for $30. Oh well, lesson learned :0 If you've ever had a Christmas tree mishap, I'd love to hear about it!
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  1. Glad you found one you liked. Don't know if you have a Home Depot in your area, but that's where we've always gotten ours. They're really nice, reasonably priced and their selection is stellar even up until Christmas Eve.

    My post is about our tree too:

  2. I'm sorry your tree experience was what you had hoped for. Your tree looks amazing though!!

    Here in my memory:

  3. Wow, those are crack prices! I'm glad you persisted until you found a slightly more reasonable price. At least you'll know where to go next year!

    A few Christmas tree stories rolled into one: