Sunday, December 5, 2010

Memory Monday- Special Blessing

Here's my 1st Memory Monday! If you would like to participate you can find the information here. I don't like "linky" so if you have a blog add your permalink (link of your blog post title) in the comment section so others can read your post. Be sure to visit other blogs and leave a comment! I'm going to start off with good one.

A few days before our 1st married Christmas I found out I was pregnant (so exciting for us). That Christmas we went to Mass on Christmas Eve and I was so sick (kept leaving to throw up). I get the worst sickness when I'm as you can imagine I didn't look the greatest. Anyway towards the end of Mass the priest asks all couples who are expecting a baby to come to the front of the church for a special blessing. It's crazy the things you do for your child, even before they are born because I'm usually shy about that stuff and I looked terrible. We get out the pew and I whisper to Chris "I really hope were not the only ones, this is so embarrassing." Of course we get up there and are the ONLY ones and everyone is quiet and staring at us. Plus, I didn't even look pregnant yet and did I mention that Chris worked for this parish at the time? Then we go to go back to our seats and everyone starts clapping (?), even more embarrassing! :0  But he was worth's him the following Christmas, his 1st Christmas at almost 4 months.    
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  1. Here's my Memory Monday!

    That's really sweet that you and Chris were blessed as expecting parents!

  2. I still remember getting your card signed Chris Marjorie and Baby...I was so giddy for you both!

    Here's mine:

  3. Beautiful memory Marjorie.

    I am just taken back by the picture of your oldest at four months. I think of just how precious children are and just how priceless it is to be a mommy. I am also saddened to think of how quickly time flys and how they become so big right in front of our eyes. So from one mommy to another...God Bless your family today, tomorrow and always! Merry Christmas!

  4. Sorry I wasn't able to participate, I will do it next time, haven't had time to today

  5. What a great idea! Here's my Monday Memory:

  6. Whoa, check out the blue eyes on that little boy! What an amazing time of the year to discover you're expecting.