Thursday, December 16, 2010


Here are some pictures of the outside of our house covered with a "snowy blanket of white" (can you tell I was teaching about paragraphs on snow this week?). It's been really busy (and I've been SO tired? not sure if that's because I'm so busy or what), so I'm a little behind on blogging. I have many blog posts to come, so stay tuned!   
I just love these pictures of our dog Duke. The light "dusting" of snow on the window sill with the Christmas wreath :0 Don't you think it would make a perfect Christmas card? ;) If only my camera settings had been different, our windows weren't so clean you could see him better. Actually, though it reminds me to mention that the house across the street (seen in the reflection) is finally finished and they built 3 more. There's only 1 empty lot left on our street now.
I don't think I can stress enough how glad I am that we are in a permanent house this year (and hopefully many more years to come). I didn't enjoy the holidays at all last year since we were in mid-move and Andrew came early so I wasn't feeling well and didn't get any sleep. I'm enjoying EVERY minute of peace and "settledness" (like how I make up words?) this year. I'm relaxing and soaking up all of the joy of the season from home with my little guys.

We're staying home for Christmas and I got most of my shopping done online. I never knew gift cards were shipped for free! I just noticed that we have holly bushes outside, so pretty to have a pop of color in winter.
We got this bird house really cheap on vacation this year. 
Hope everyone is enjoying the holiday season :)


  1. Duke looks so funny from the window!

  2. Duke looks adoreable!!! Tired hmmmm, maybe you're PG ;)

    I can relate to wanting to be settled, I feel more there this year, but we have a way to go yet. Hopefully once we move back closer to home...all in God's time though.

    The house looks great!!!

  3. I think your Duke picture is perfect. Wonderful that you are all settled in and enjoying the holidays more than last year. Looking at all your holiday decorating and little kid activities, I feel that I am living this season vicariously through you.

    I long for the settled you enjoy. I suppose I had get used to the unsettled my life will be until husband has a different job. lr

  4. That picture of Duke in the window is ADORABLE! And I can only imagine how much you're enjoying being settled this Christmas.. Christmas is hectic enough without being mid-move! Happy Holidays! :)