Thursday, December 2, 2010

Thanksgiving Festivities

We had such a jammed packed holiday weekend that I had to break the posts down :) On Saturday we took our annual trip to KOP with Chris' family. I'm finding that I'm getting progressively better at taking pictures each year I'm there...or it could be that I didn't have any shopping to get done so I was able to take more.

We had lunch at my favorite restaurant, The Cheesecake Factory. I find I try something new and get hooked on it. The last few times I've gone (including this time) I got the Renee's lunch special. It's soup, salad and a turkey sandwich. Really good! For dessert I always get Linda's Fudge Cake which is ironic since it is a cheesecake place. I can't help myself, it's 12 layers of chocolate fudge and cake :) The whole lunch I was so worried the boys would get food on their clothes before they had their picture with Santa, they didn't but.... 
Christopher successfully scratched his face right before the picture. How is it possible that there's always some mishap before Santa pictures? Of course Andrew got one look at Santa and watch his progressive reaction....
He has the meanest parents ever (well that's what I think he must be thinking)! It's just a rite of passage that kids are always going to cry when they see Santa, but parents are still going to persist :0 One of my favorite Santa pictures was the year my mom had the twins. The babies were dressed as elves and we put them on Santa's lap and they are both screaming in the picture and looking in the opposite directions. Hahaha, memories!
The display was so pretty, I couldn't help taking a few pictures of it. Already can't wait for our trip next year :)


  1. Santa pictures are BETTER when there's a crying face! And The Cheesecake Factory is my VERY Favorite restaurant.. that cake sounds delicious! I might have to try it next time I go

  2. Love the outfits. The Santa display is really nice. So many are so cheapy looking. I really like the couch and gold designs.

    yumm. Love the cheesecake factory! ~lr

  3. Aww poor 'lil Drew, too cute!!! I think the crying is a good means he knows that Santa is a stranger. Can't wait for this someday!

  4. Christopher and Andrew are just sooooo cute -