Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Duke Russell

We have a Jack Russell Terrier (he's 3), named Duke. Duke Russell to be exact (that's a long story). He got groomed over the weekend and looked so cute, so I figured I should take some pictures of him (plus I don't blog about him enough, and trust me I could write a novel about the things this dog gets into). Of course given his personality, the second I go to take a picture here's what I get
he yawns. Typical Duke. But really, he's a good dog and the kids love him so much.
Disclaimer: I NEVER allow him on any beds, but he was just cleaned from the groomers and I thought the setting would be nice for pictures. He enjoyed himself for a few minutes....
Now doesn't he look noble? Hahahaha :0 Duke means "noble" and he certainly *thinks* he's noble and wants to be treated like a king. Silly dog. 


  1. haha why is he on ur good bed?

  2. Duke is soooo cute! I love him.

  3. I love the yawn picture--I have a few of my childhood cat that way--a little crazy in our lives never hurts. Haha.

  4. He is so cute! In my opinion, a dog is a crucial member of a family, especially one with kiddos! (if you have the time that is) I can't wait to get a dog! The first two photos are my favorite!!!

  5. My Mom swore our dog wasn't allowed on furniture-that all went out the window the first night we got him. I slept on the kitchen floor with him and eventually snuck him up to my bedroom. Chris and I both LOVE dogs but he's allergic and we can't have any in our apt. either. Hopefully someday b/c I miss having one around!