Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Favorite Things 2010

  • Steam Pocket Mop. I actually like cleaning floors now.
  • Radian car seat. Wish we had gone with this seat the 1st time around. It's so small and compact, Christopher doesn't think he's riding in a car seat.
  • Bissell Powersteamer. Professional results without the price! I was SO glad to have it after the party we just had.
  • Revlon Colorstay Foundation. I've finally found "the one." I've tried nearly every foundation on the market and it still blows my mind that one for $8 beats them all. NEVER greases up, looks oily or feels heavy.  
  • Nikon D90. Probably the best surprise gift I've ever gotten. I've gotten to my happy place with it's features. I've learned how to work it like a well oiled machine and I'm loving the results! Thank you again Chris :)
  • MAC Dou Fibre Foundation Brush. Ever wonder how models get such airbrushed looking foundation? They use this brush! You put foundation on and use this brush to spread/blot it evenly all over you face, giving you a flawless look. I got the smaller travel size one for $35 (gotta love gift cards). You can also use it to apply creams and other face products.


  1. Fun post. Isn't it amazing what gunk comes up from the carpets!

    I also like travel makeup brushes. I never really get why the handles are so long in the first place. Good makeup brushes make a great difference. I do bareminerals matte foundation (only foundation that don't make me break out. Expensive but worth it to me. I was ecstatic to actually find it discounted at military stores) and have been been happy using their brushes with different brands of makeup. Do you have other mac brushes you like in particular?

    I have a makeup question for you. How long do you keep eyeshadow before throwing it out in the trash? I have some mac that is old and just find it hard to get rid of because of expense.

    How fun to get a mac giftcard because it is difficult to spend real money there and so that you can get good colors.


  2. 2010 was the year I discovered my <3 for MAC thanks to you! Seriously <3 the stuff.
    I'm sure I'll be looking to you for advice in the cleaning appliance dept. someday too. You always find the best stuff!

  3. lr-over the years i got the flat shader brush, stiff dome brush and blush brush. the long handles are "professional brushes." they make the handles longer so it's easier for make up artist to apply.
    i keep eyeshadow for a long time. i still have my wedding eyeshadow and it's going on 4yrs. i only get rid of them if there's hardly anything left or they get dirty.
    ania-i'm so glad you like their stuff! i'd love to hear your fave products by them.