Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Year's Eve 2010

The 1st year we were married (about 3yrs ago), we hosted a New Year's Eve party with all of our friends. It had such a great turn out that we all decided to keep it going between us. It's been bounced around to different homes, but this year we wanted to host it again so our friends could see our new house. It was a very fun filled night and we were so glad we could host and everyone could make it out.

Leading up to the holiday, I was so busy that I lost track of the date. The day before the party my sister calls me and asks if I'm all ready for the party tomorrow. TOMORROW? I didn't have the food or supplies yet and a million little things I wanted to get done around the house before everyone came. It was a crazy day to say the least on the 30th, but we got everything done (some cleaning, painting, setup, food preparation).  It's funny how a party can be such a motivator to get things done. We painted Christopher's room, touched up paint around the house, went through stuff in the basement and donated boxes, cleaned every nook and cranny, shopped, exchanged some things we got for Christmas, etc.
We had the noise makers and serving dishes saved from the last time we hosted. I scored the hats, horns, tiaras and lay kit for $10 at Walmart (they were $50 at Party City). We also got bottles of Sprite, Coke, etc and for $1 each there too!
For food I had chips, pretzels, cheese and crackers, shrimp cocktail, dinner rolls, salad, meatballs and ziti. I kept dessert simple and had cookies and cupcakes. 
I didn't get many photos (I guess that's the way it is when you host), but it was such a good time. My sister's fiance bought his Xbox Connect to play (you don't need controllers it senses your movements). One game had you dance off with a partner to a routine. The moves were so fun and since you don't need controllers or remotes you're really dancing! Here's me, I wore a sparkling mini dress with matching sparking flats. The necklace was a stocking stuffer :) Too bad Chris didn't get a picture of the whole thing.......  
My sister Liz with Andrew. She also blogs and you can find her blog here
The littlest one at the party, our best friends' new baby boy :)


  1. I wish he would've gotten a picture of your whole outfit!! It looks like it was adorable! Glad ya'll had a good time! :)

  2. So sorry we missed the fun! Looked like a blast! Chris' family got a Kinect for Christmas too, only I was feeling too shy to try it out. His brother can dance really well and I'm not the most coordinated person, so I was embarassed. Glad it all went well!

  3. Great party! I wish we were there!