Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Goals for 2011

I don't make New Year's resolutions, but this year I decided I want to list a few goals that I would like to accomplish. I think it will be neat to write them on here and revisit it throughout the year.

-Invest in a commercial grade vacuum Still loving the Hoover we got!

-Repaint our front door

-Paint the kids bathroom We painted it a light yellow called "Sunshine"

-Paint our bedroom

-Paint our laundry room We painted it lavender called "French Heirloom"

-Install a new lock set on our front door (one that the kids can't open from inside).

-Finish reading at least two more photography books I exceeded my goal and read 4!

-Expand our family :) We welcomed Evangeline Marie in September!

-Worry less. Don't know how much progress I'll make on that one though it's my biggest weakness. Chris says as soon as I stop worrying about one thing I'm onto the next.

-Use more coupons  Used coupons, web sites, rebates and recently apps to help in this area!

  Start potty training Andrew He's still doing great!

-Get furniture for our "formal" living room We got tables, now we're working on seating.

-I made the decision to "un-friend" some people on facebook last year. It was a hard decision, but for the best. I know a lot of people struggle with this, "friends" that aren't true friends or people that constantly put up negative/annoying/immoral statuses but you don't want to un-friend them and hurt their feelings. I have to say my stress level has gone WAY down and I'm at peace. I just wish I had the courage to make the decision sooner. I'm not going to go back to the way things were.

-Replace some bushes that died in our front lawn Now I need to work on flowers...I'm so bad with plants!

-Continue to stay involved with our community I volunteered on our social and landscaping committee

-Do more charity work  I posted about this recently

-Pray with Chris and as a family more Still feel like this area needs more work. Did better this year, but have a ways to go. 

What plans/goals do you have for the new year? What was the best resolution you ever made and why?


  1. I love the part about expanding :)

    Do you want to change the color of your door?

    We are getting exterior painting done soon as the doors and shutters are very faded. We are sticking with the same colors though.

    We have also started new plans with family and couple devotions. To keep us more regular and motivated we have started devotional and marriage books.

    I am very particular about facebook friends too. Great job about ridding yourself of such people!

  2. Here's my 2010 highlights mixed with my 2011 things to look forward to... http://andersonspeaks.blogspot.com/2010/12/2010-to-2011.html

  3. wow, what a fabulous list! We have a lot in common:)

    thanks for sharing.

  4. lr- i plan on keeping the door shiny black as it is now, it just needs a new coat. i'm very interested in what marriage books you will be reading. that's something i'd like to do. we did a book before we were married and got a lot of good conversations from it.

    amanda-i like that you included the things you accomplished this year.

  5. I can def. identify with the worry thing. Chris has said the same thing of me on more than one occasion. Not sure what it is or where it comes from, but it's something I'm working on as well.

    So excited to see where your photography takes you this year. We've enjoyed watching Chris' video stuff grow and I love seeing others embarking on this new horizon as well!

    Yay for babies! Hopefully this will be the year for us to start our family. More on that....I'll be doing my New Years blog entry shortly here.

    Totally understand about "unfriending" on FB. Glad you have peace about it-I did as well!

    Oh and about the vacuum cleaner: we found a great deal on a Dyson either on amazon or overstock.com. We haven't had to replace ours yet and I def. think it's a worthy investment. I'll be excited to hear what you guys decided on.

    Happy 2011!

  6. So many of your goals are like ours! We are already in the process of expanding our family (see our blog) and boy do I have to worry less! I have always been a worrywart. We got a Dyson vacuum for a wedding gift and we are so happy with it. Because of Duke, look into one made especially for pet hair. I think it does a superior job overall, not with just pet hair. I've been looking at your old entries when I have an especially difficult day with morning sickness to remind myself that pregnancy might not be a ton of fun, but the rewards are amazing! :D

  7. megan-first i'm so happy for you! congrats!!!! can't wait to hear all the baby updates :)

    the dog is the main reason we are looking into a better vac. with a pet and kids we have high traffic. dyson might be out of our price range...right now we're looking at oreck's 8 pound vac, simplicity and eureka.

  8. I usually don't made new years resolutions, but this year I did as well. I wanted to be able to look back and see if I was actually able to hold up to any of them. I started working on them, but I want to see how long I will actually try.

  9. Thanks for sharing your new years resolutions! I love hearing what others are changing/improving/etc. You might want to read the book "5 Love Languages" - It is really good and easy to read. There is actually an online test to take with your spouse to determine your primary love language. It helped Ryan and I a lot (we did it on our precana weekend). As for the worrying...I fall victim to it all the time and I too stop worrying about one thing and I am on to the next. Ryan is always telling me to calm down, everything will be ok. It's just a challenge for me.
    Ryan and I will be expanding our family next year (or late this year)! We are excited, but I am determined to finish grad school before I have a baby!

  10. Wow you made some major progress! I'm impressed!