Saturday, January 29, 2011

Snow Sick

We've been trapped inside with all this constant snow. It's been too dangerous to drive and I can't even take the kids for a walk because the snow is too deep and it's too cold. It's been a frustrating. The kids have been bored and restless, even the dog! I had a dentist appointment this week (the only appointment they had till spring was mid-week at lunch time). Chris and I took off work just so I could make the appointment, but it was nearly blizzard conditions that day and I couldn't make it. We got at least a foot or more of snow. So it was really a waste of a day off. I scheduled a doctor's appointment for this Monday which I thought was at 9:30am and just realized today it's at 2:30pm. So now I scrambling to figure out how that's going to work. 

It hasn't been all bad being trapped in the house because I caught up on cleaning, organized the kids spring clothes (stored old clothes), and have been doing a crazy amount of cooking. This week I tried 3 new recipes: crock-pot pot roast, chicken and wild rice soup, and Asian chicken and vegetables. Unfortunately, I was lazy too tired from the kids to take pics of the food to share. Oh and because my flash (I have a big professional one) is stuck to my camera. Long story how that happened, but I haven't been able to take it into the camera shop to have it repaired with all this snow. All things considered, I'm not in a hurry for Spring. Spring is actually my least favorite season. I like Winter and snow, I just would like a little less of it. What's your favorite season?


  1. Wow.. sounds like ya'll have a ridiculous amount of snow! I can only imagine how stir crazy your family is! I'm not gonna lie.. I'm ready for spring weather and we haven't even had close to that much snow where I live! ;)

  2. When it rains it pours... I'm sorry things aren't going quick right (doctors, snow, flash), but I'm glad you are trying some new recipes!
    As for your snow 5 hours south! I will say, I am a little jealous of all the snow because when I was a kiddo, I feel like snow days were far and few between, but now the kids are off once a week!

  3. I'm definitely a summer girl. Love, love, love the beach!!! I like winter snow, but usually after 2 storms I'm over it...kinda like now. Fall is pretty too, but summer is by far my favorite. It's just so much easier to get dressed and go. Flip flops, t-shirts, no coat, mittens or scarves!

  4. I have heard so many stores about how bad your winter has been up there. We actually had three snow storms here which was very unusual. People down here don't often own snow shovels.

    I love spring and fall because the weather is so mild.

    I am jealous/ motivated hearing of your putting away clothes. I am just not sure how much I want to save and travel with us. I save all nice dresses and outfits, well kept shoes, and accessories. I am just not sure with the play clothes and sleepers.