Tuesday, February 1, 2011

"The Boys"

Quick little update on "the boys" :) Christopher has had a breakthrough in potty training. He is FINALLY going to the potty without being asked "Do you need to use the potty?" a hundred times. We've been working on it so much since we've been snowed in. I've never used pull-ups, just underwear (Thomas of course!) for training. 1. Because kids can't tell the difference between pull-ups and diapers 2. They cost too much 3. They are a pain to change if they do have an accident. I'm now venturing on short trips with him without a diaper (walks around the neighborhood or nearby stores). I'm hoping to have him potty trained completely during the day by summer.
He's saying so many funny things right now. The other day he saw a picture of himself and Andrew on my phone and said "Look mom it's the boys!" I guess he hears Chris and I refer to them that way :) He also recognizes all the letters of the alphabet. You can show him a letter and he will tell you what it is.
Andrew is SO cute lately....he's like a little old man. He has his own agenda. He likes to play by himself. He is walking everywhere with hands behind his back like he's an adult or something. He's saying more which is a relief. I was worried about how quiet he he was. He's riding in a big boy car seat. At night he sleeps with Squishy. Squishy is a glow toy shaped like a sea horse. It used to be Christopher's. We gave it to Andrew recently (I had put it away after Christopher outgrew it) and Christopher saw it and remembered. He said slowly "Squishy....?" Like he was recognizing an old friend :0
 Like my new photo effects? I upgraded my software. It's been fun :)


  1. Beautiful pictures! And your "boys" sound so fun and lively. Thanks for sharing! I love hearing quips and lisps from children's lips. :)

  2. Your pictures are gorgeous! What precious little boys! and hooray for potty training coming around!

  3. Great photos! I love that Andrew acts like a little old man! That is precious! Have you captured him walking around with his hands behind his back? That would be adorable!!
    Squishy sounds great! My niece has the pink version and loves it! I think that is a "must get" toy when I have kids.

    Also, what software did you upgrade to? I've heard good thinks about Lighthouse 3...

  4. You might want to try rubber underpants for the longer trips they will provide the protection you are looking for if he has an accident without resorting to a diaper. He may hate them which will help motivate him even more to stay dry. They work really well at containing all the wet we used them all the time on our boys.

  5. i have to get a video of him walking on of these days. i got lightroom 3.

    amanda- i can't seem to find those anywhere! i know what you're talking about bc i've been looking.

  6. "The Boys" look adorable. They are both too cute -

  7. Wow. How fun that little brother is now walking! They are adorable in their sweater sets.

    I am constantly amazed at Christopher's skills and abilities. M has always been on a different page than him. In one area her vocabulary always amazes me ~ clothing~ lol.

  8. Ditto on the pull ups-esp. with #2 accidents! Great looking software! We thought about getting some for me to "play" with but I'm not there yet. I'll be interested to hear your pros and cons.