Sunday, February 27, 2011

I'm Back for Now...

Not feeling much better, but today I'm doing okay so I figured I do a quick little post (sorry no pics) on some things that have been going on. First, my sister Elizabeth gets married June 11th! The boys and I are in the wedding and we just purchased their suits which you can see here. She had her wedding dress fitting over the weekend and I can't wait for everyone to see her dress!!

We also checked out our local Amish Market which isn't even 5 minutes from our house. I wish we had checked it out like a year ago when we moved in because it was great. Homemade donuts/pretzels and a lot of rare ingredients/bulk products that grocery stores don't have in stock. I'll definitely be going to back. The trip also made me want to check out our main street (we live in a historical area) that is lined with antique shops this spring.

We had dinner at Applebee's over the weekend too (still have Christmas gift cards) and I've realized that every time we go there there is no wait. That's something I love about having moved to such a rural area. It's the same at doctor's offices too. Most places are brand new and clean. However, I do miss all the conveniences of living in a built up area (where I grew up) like the stores. The nearest Walmart is 30 minutes away now. I know our area is building and the corn fields are slowly disappearing for bigger roads, developments, and super centers which makes me sad :'( I'm such a Jersey girl in that way.

Do you live in a rural/urban/suburban area? What do you like or dislike about where you live? If you could choose, where would you live and why?


  1. I'm sorry you still aren't feeling very well.

    And no wait at Applebee's? Wow. We live near a college town and that place is always packed when we go.

  2. I'm currently living in a development with small dirveways and tiny yards, but tons of shopping within ten minutes and a beach within 15 minutes! I think the beach will be really nice this summer, but the little driveways and tiny yards aren't my thing. I grew up on 5 acres, 2 creeks, 5 ponds and shopping within 5-20 minutes! That is ideal for me! I want to feel like I'm in the country, but also know that if I need something, it won't be an ordeal to run to the store. Plus, I like having friends for the kids close by!