Monday, March 7, 2011

Antique Shopping

This weekend we went antique shopping on our Main Street. I wish we had done this earlier! It was so much fun and free :) Here's a little photo tour of all the neat things we saw....
I love antique cradles! Many of the stores had antique kitchen tools and things.
My favorite store was Debra's Dolls. It sold dolls from all time periods, some even 200 years old!
They also sold antique doll clothing. I think these gowns would be beautiful as decoration in a girl's room.
These baby dolls and beds were so adorable! We got this cute little boy baby for Christopher and Andrew to share:) It smells like vanilla.
Another store had these old Santa and sleds. The sleds were well-priced and I want to get one as an outdoor Christmas decoration for our porch.
We went to a tea shop that hosts tea parties and sells teapots/cups.
I was obsessed with these doll miniatures! They are so intricate and expensive (yikes, the doll shoes went for about $100 a piece)!
I was really excited to visit Repeat Boutique, a clothing consignment shop for kids. It had great reviews and looked really nice passing by. However, I was disappointed. They seemed to have more used toys/equipment than clothes. It was also really crowded and poorly organized. Nothing there was "special" or a "deal." More like used everyday clothes at an okay price.
Lastly, we hit up the local park for a bit. Andrew is terrified of the slide. He makes such a funny face going down, but I couldn't get it on camera. Overall, very fun trip downtown!


  1. Fun! The antique sled is really neat. Makes me so excited for when we own a home and get to decorate!

  2. Oh My Heavens! I need to go to the store with the Santa figures!!!