Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Chuckie Cheese

So I'm going to be playing catch up this week on my blog. 2 weeks ago, I took the kids to Chuckie Cheese for a birthday party. We live close to a really nice one that's well cared for! Just to recap, the kids had tons of fun. Christopher was afraid of the climbing tubes and Andrew was terrified of the animals on the rides :0  I tried to put him on the ride with Christopher below, but he started screaming. Funny thing is the ride takes a picture while you're on and Andrew's in it crying in the pic. Hahaha :0
They LOVED the pizza and cupcakes, however. Christopher was really good at this one game where you have to catch falling balls and Andrew liked the phone where you could talk to Chuckie.
I don't have many pictures and the ones I have are poor quality. Just to note, I only have one picture of Andrew because he was on my hip the whole time. Haha! He's at that age where if I put him down he takes off. I REALLY need to make an effort to take good pictures when we go somewhere. That's my Spring/Summer goal, to get better pictures of our everyday life.
Christopher was afraid of the horse ride above. In his defense it was a huge horse and it was jumping and jolting all around. They are both asking on a daily basis now to go back to Chuckie Cheese, so I know they had a good time :)


  1. Your boys both have such different looks but they are SO beautiful. Chris looks like a litte GQ model in that sweatshirt! Can't get over it, haha. Glad you guys had fun!

  2. Haha too funny about being freaked out on the rides! Hold onto that photo...it's def. gonna be priceless once he's older. Cracks me up what kids are fearful of. When I nannied the one little girl was PETRIFIED of automatic flush toilets. Needless to say potty trips in public places were a challenge!

  3. I love taking my kids to "indoor jungle gyms" or "soft playgrounds" there is also indoor places called bounce world or bounceU. They normally cost less then 10 dollars per child and adults are free. It's been a life saver during the winter with a two year old!