Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Funny Sayings

Just wanted to share some of the funny things the boys have been saying....

Christopher: Whenever he sees a dog he says, "That's a dog, but not a Jack Russell" (we have a Jack Russell). He carries around a block box and told me, "This is my diaper bag." He tells Duke to "Go to your room" when he does something bad. He's basically obsessed with disciplining Duke and Andrew. When we ask him how old he is he says, "I'm two, Andrew's one and Mommy's three." He found Chris' iPod and asked what it was. I said "It's an iPod." He held it up to ear like a phone and said "Hi, Pod!" He saw me wearing nice clothes/makeup on a weekday and said, "Are we going to Church?" 

Andrew: He goes up to his high chair and says "I wanna eat, I wanna eat" over and over till we feed him. He also asks for "A cup of juice;" funny because he's never had juice, he just hears Christopher say that. He tells Duke, "No Duke dog!" and points his finger at him. He begs "Pleeeesssseee" when he wants something. He's also at that stage where he will come up to you and say a bunch of gibberish as if it totally makes sense :0 I went to leave the other day and when he saw me waving, he started crying saying "Oh, no! Oh, no! Oh,no!" 

Did I ever mention that conversations with little kids are some of the best? Feel free to share some of the funny things your child has/is saying :)


  1. Haha cute! Glad you're keeping track, they (or their future wives) will appreciate hearing the stories someday.

    We were just at Chris' parents the other night for dinner and had a conversation about how funny kid's thought processes are. I told a story about how I used to like to shove stones from a potted plant in the house up my nose. Chris' Mom was hysterical and said they couldn't eat popcorn for years because he shoved the kernels up his nose. Guess we're a perfect match, LoL.

  2. I cannot WAIT to have kids specifically for this reason! Amazing :)

  3. My two favorite are "Hi Pod!" and "Are you going to church?" Kids say the greatest things!!