Thursday, March 17, 2011

Miracle Drug

The 12 week mark came and went and as expected I haven't been doing much better. Nights have been the worst. I broke down and tried one of the Zofran pills my doctor prescribed yesterday and MIRACULOUS! Relief! It took about 45mins to an hour to feel the effect (just like any other medication), but it worked. It only lasted about 4hrs though, but that's okay since I was heading to bed. My biggest regret is not trying it with Christopher when I had the most severe nausea. Wow, that would have been such a life saver then.

I still have mixed feelings about it however. I keep thinking, maybe I'm sick for a reason so I shouldn't be trying to stop it? What if down the line researchers find side-effects from it? Knowing that chemo patients use it was really scary to me. Anything associated with cancer scares me to death. I physically felt good taking it, but mentally I felt guilty and worried. I know dumb. For now, I will use it only when I really need to. Anyone out there try it? Did it work for you?


  1. With the next one (whenever that is), I'm definitely going to use this should I have similar nausea to this time. Mine probably isn't quite as bad as yours (part of the reason I didn't go for meds this time was because mine was never as bad as yours with Christopher sounded), but it still made everyday life so rough.

    Hooray for little ones!

  2. The medication question is so difficult! I still do not know what I think of them. I am really pleased they it is working for you when needed. (Some woman cannot even find relief from these medications.)

    My mom believes that the sickness is God's way of telling you to treat your body very delicately. So with that in mind if you are on the meds and feeling better, do remember to baby yourself and take it easy with house chores and such.

  3. So glad to hear it worked well for you!!! I am with you on meds though, I struggle so much for the same reason. With all our infertility stuff I struggle with whether I'd take meds like Clomid etc. Even if they're ethical I always wonder if there's a side effect we'll find out about down the line. I'd feel so guilty if something I took hurt a child of ours.

    On the other hand though I know I won't be able to work if I'm nauseaus all the time, so I'll probably end up taking Zofran at some point. If it's any consolation, I know plenty of people who have taken it and have had perfectly healthy children. Nowadays they seem to test stuff well and I don't believe they'd prescribe something if it wasn't safe for baby. If it's any further consolation too, Chemo patient's are very sensitive/compromised and if it's safe for them to take for their Chemo nausea, it shouldn't be harmful for a Mom/baby. There are a lot of meds they won't let Chemo patient's take because their systems are so rundown from the therapy.

    That being said, you know your body and your heart is totally in the right and loving place. If you don't feel peaceful about taking it, by all means, don't. I'd imaginge it is so hard to run around after the boys and feel nauseous too, so if you need it now and again you're not a bad person. After all tons of babies are born healthy without any prenatal care after their Moms drank while pregnant. You are doing everything right for your precious little one and you are a wonderful Mom for caring SO much! He/She would be at bigger risk if you weren't so caring, so I think a little Zofran here and there will be ok.

    As always, just my humble opinion. Sorry for the long response, I just wanted to help if I could. Prayers for you and family!!!

  4. Thanks girls! I'm going to use it when I REALLY need to because I need to be a good mom for the boys and able to function. I think occasionally can't hurt that much. Ania, that's good to know with chemo patients. I didn't know that. Whenever I think of them I always think of super strong medications. What you said makes sense. Laura, you're mom sounds like mine and I've been taking it easy :)

  5. gosh, i was SO sick it didn't even help me in the beginning...just took the edge off so i wouldn't puke 11 times in one day. at about the 13 week mark, it really did help me function.

    it's such a hard call. there is a tradeoff for everything.

  6. I'm glad you took the medicine. I never experienced the sickness you have, but I would have asked for medicine if I was that sick especially for my 2nd and 3rd pregnancies. It's challenging enough to chase after little ones let alone trying to do it when you are sick.
    I had pneumonia when carrying the twins, it was brutal. I was laid up for almost two straight weeks, before I was able to start moving around again. Even then getting along was tough with a wicked cough. It's hard to parent when you are that sick and I have no family living in the area so I was on my own.
    Sometimes you have to do what's best for you, because in the end it's what's best for your children too. Taking care of you is essential.

  7. Marjorie-

    I know it's scary to take meds when you are pregnant, and I know I don't have any kids so I don't totally know how you feel, but I can tell you this: Working in the ED we give that drug (zofran) to all ages of people for nausea and vomiting. I've seen kids at 2 years and old women at 90 years take it! We even give it more often than every 4 hours if it is really bad (I'm not saying do that, listen to what your doctor prescribed, just giving an example). I know it's scary taking a med they give to cancer patients, but the reason they give it to them is because it works so well. It is excellent at taking nausea away, especially when people are on chemo. I just thought I would put my 2 cents in as a nurse. Hope this makes you feel a little bit better about taking the drug since it is giving you such relief! Congrats again on the pregnancy! :)

    your cousin,

  8. When my sister was 6 years old, she was diagnosed with brain cancer. The chemo and radiation made her very sick and she had the dry heaves every morning like clock work. She took Zofran and it worked miracles. It had no taste and dissolved in her mouth. She took it for years regularly because we predicted her not feeling well in the morning. It lasted all day. My sister is now 17 years old and cancer free :)

  9. Don't be scared. I was on it with each of my pregnancies with the boys (I even had a pump for it when i was pregnant with Bronx because I had severe hyperemesis.)

    All my boys turned out fine. And I was able to somewhat function through all the nausea.

    It's win-win. I swear.