Wednesday, April 6, 2011

14 Weeks

There's nothing that makes me more nervous then the 1st OB appointment where you "should" be able to hear the heartbeat. With Andrew I had a real scare. The doctor was searching and searching for a heartbeat, but couldn't find it. I could tell she was concerned when she left the room without a word for the ultrasound machine. After what seemed the longest 2 minutes of my life, there he was moving around with a heartbeat on the screen. Luckily there was no searching this time, she squirted the warm gel on and there it was thumping away :)

I also gained 5 pounds which the doctor thought was great since I'd hadn't gained since the beginning of the pregnancy (and I was underweight to begin with). I however panicked; that seems like a TON of weight to me in a short time. I'd like to only gain 20lbs like my last two pregnancies. I have a small frame, I want to deliver natural again, and let's face it it's a pain to get rid of afterward.

Other than that I'm back to feeling pretty rotten AGAIN. Some days I can't keep the anti-nausea meds down, so there's nothing I can do but feel terrible. The nights have eased up a little though and I'm able to get some things (i.e. chores) done. I was 15 weeks this Saturday, so time is moving fast! 

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  1. Don't be worried about gaining baby weight! Of all times, just don't worry about it. Your body will stay on track.