Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Bye Bye Baby Potty

It's official that Christopher is fully potty trained (he's 2 1/2). I haven't been buying him diapers (never bought him pull-ups). I cleaned the baby potty and put it in storage over the weekend. He actually stopped using it about two months ago, but I was too lazy busy to put it away. I'm SO proud of him/happy about the money I'm saving/thrilled I don't have to change his diapers over summertime. It was a long process (I started him at 18 mos), but I'm glad I started early. It saved me a lot of diaper changes, even then.

I've also found that it's MUCH easier/cleaner/faster taking a little boy to a public restroom than a girl. Plus, when he gets bigger I won't have to take him at all, that will be up to Chris :0 One boy down, one to go (I'll start Andrew at the same age).


  1. You did a great job with him!! I have heard of some boys taking much much longer. We are moving along very nicely, yet we have not ventured diaper free outside of the home. A main reason is because girls are much harder to take to the restroom. We will have to do it soon enough, and I am not looking forward to that.

  2. Super Mom!! That's great! I imagine it might be easier with Andrew because he will want to do what his older brother is doing...
    Good Luck and Congrats to Christopher!

  3. LR- I know the average for boys is age 3. I think that's because moms think boys are hard to train and don't start till later. At least that what my doctor said. I'm glad I challenged him and he succeeded. Please blog sometime about M's potty progress!

    Sarah- I'm hoping that will be the case :) It worked with crawling!

  4. One out of, just in time for a new one to be in! Crazy that you and Chris will be outnumbered by kids soon.

    I agree about taking little boys to the bathroom being easier. When I nannied the little man was quick and easy, plus I never had to fear him seeing anything he'd be curious about. With little girls going into the mens room, I always worried she'd see something at a urinal and have tons of questions. Plus she was petrified of automatic flush toilets. She was afraid because she was so small that she'd get sucked in. And let's not forget I'm a major germ-a-phobe. Eventually we perfected a hovering squat/hold technique, but I dreaded it every time, especially at the swimming pool!