Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Sister's Bridal Shower

Last weekend we threw a bridal shower for my sister Liz (visit her blog here) at my parent's house. She's marrying her high school sweetheart on June 11th. We're all so excited to have a wedding in the family again! The boys and I are in the wedding (it will be the first wedding the boys go to/are in).
I came up with the idea to do a tea party theme, so the favors were tea cups and we put flowers on the tables in tea pots. We wanted to do a tea pot shaped cake, but they were too pricey. Her color for the wedding is pink, so the table cloths and paperware were pink.
I was SUPPOSED to have many, many more pictures (and better quality ones) than I do, but I was running late to the party and forgot my best camera lens :( I'm still SO mad at myself for that because it was a great photo op and missed it.
Here's a group shot of me with all my sisters (the bridesmaids). We all wore pink too!
Can't wait for the wedding!


  1. Can't even tell you didn't have a "good" lens. The pics are fantastic and looks like it was a great time!

  2. how fun! I love the teacup theme! such a cute idea!

  3. Love it! I wish I could have been there. Everything looked amazing.

  4. Love your ideas for the shower --- the photography is good too!